CoolSculpting Waist fat removal

Waist fat removal

Losing excess fat around the waist is a common goal for many who strive for a slimmer and tighter midriff. Waist fat, often known as “love handles,” can be caused by various factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal fluctuations and an unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there is an advanced and non-surgical solution to reduce this unwanted fat: CoolSculpting.

Waist fat removal

Who doesn’t know them? Those rolls of fat on your waist that always mar your body so much. And no matter what you do, they won’t go away. Fortunately there is now a solution to that: CoolSculpting! With this revolutionary technique we freeze the subcutaneous fat cells causing them to be broken down by the body over the course of several weeks. Approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Association) so absolutely safe. And also without surgery or anesthesia. After the treatment you can just do everything again. And the best part? You’ll be rid of those rolls on your waist forever.

Waist Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting offers an innovative approach to reducing waist fat using cryolipolysis technology. With this non-invasive treatment, fat cells in the waist area are frozen and broken down naturally. One of the main advantages of CoolSculpting is that it does not require surgery, so recovery time is minimal and there is no scarring.

CoolSculpting explained
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Experiences with Cryolipolysis

The experiences of others indicate that the treatment works! Freezing the subcutaneous fat cells gives lasting results. Cryolipolysis can permanently remove fat in selective areas. We’ll make sure you get the right information beforehand and we’ll coordinate your personalized treatment plan together.

Do you also want to remove waist fat without surgery, but still have some questions? Perhaps the experiences of people who went before you can answer your questions! For example, Johan tells the following: “I pay a little attention to my body, so I go to the gym regularly. But I couldn’t get rid of the rolls on my sides. Until I discovered CoolSculpting: what a difference!

Karlijn Visser

“CoolSculpting is just a really nice gift for yourself that you can enjoy for a long time.”