The CoolSculpting experience of Monica Lee

Monica Lee, founder of the blog Forever 39, tested CoolSculpting at one of our clinics in 2018. Below her review.

Fat freezing

“Freezing fat aka CoolSculpting? Actually, never thought about it before. I have heard of this method before. You freeze the fat locally and therefore it disappears. Sounds very nice, but would it really work? After the necessary research and a night’s sleep on it I decided to just try it. After all, I am generally quite satisfied with my body, because I have lost no less than 20 kilos. Only my stubborn belly could have a little less roundness. So freezing my belly fat seems like a good idea. Moreover, Coolsculpting Kliniek has a really working device (the effect of which has been scientifically proven) and all practitioners are medically trained and BIG registered. So it sounds good!”

Monica Lee during her CoolSculpting experience

Before I started this treatment, I was honestly quite a bit skeptical. But CoolSculpting really does work, as I have found out for myself.

Monica Lee

Freezing my belly fat

“Well, that belly of mine. I am simply born with it and it has never gone away. Not even after losing 20 kilos of weight. And after 2 pregnancies it was an accomplished fact that belly shirts are not really meant for me. I thought it was fine, because I have enough other qualities. And besides, I don’t listen to the nickname ‘Doutzen’ or ‘Gisele’ and I don’t have to earn my living by modeling. Anyway, I had just accepted that belly. Until I heard about CoolSculpting and was allowed to come and try it out. So we’re going to freeze our belly fat!”

The device

“The device was developed by the same researchers at Harvard and the company Zeltiq. It has been approved by the FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This gives an extra safeguard, because this body is very strict. It all works very simply. You are hooked up to the device. This is done through a hose with a kind of vacuum nozzle that sucks vacuum. Through that hose, the ice-cold air is then supplied and your fat is frozen locally. So, fat cool, this method!”

Which areas?

“With the device, you can not only freeze your belly fat. You can also use it, for example, to conjure away those eternal love handles. Or to get your thighs a size smaller. And it even seems to be possible to make a double chin disappear.”

How long does the treatment last?

“CoolSculpting Kliniek works with so-called cycles. You often need several and they last 35 minutes each. I had 4 cycles on my stomach, with a 15 minute break in between. In total, it took me about 2.5 hours. During a cycle you can do whatever you like, as long as you lie still. For example, I enjoyed reading a magazine.”

Meanwhile, in all CoolSculpting clinics, we no longer work with the equipment that was used on Monica at the time. This has all been renewed to the CoolSculpting Elite. The principle of the treatment remains the same, but it is faster, two applicators can be used at the same time and it is more effective.

When will you see results?

“The removal of fat cells is a very gradual process. But 12 weeks after the CoolSculpting treatment it should be clear what the final result is. In my case, by the way, it was already said during the intake that I will probably need another round. Just my luck, haha! But that won’t be definitively assessed until April, when my 12 weeks are up.”

When will you see results?

“At the moment I can’t really tell myself what the end result is, because the treatment has just been done. But for my feeling, my big belly friend is already shrinking a bit. Furthermore, at Coolsculpting Kliniek, a whopping 92% of clients benefit from the treatment. Through the treatment, a percentage of 25 to 35% of fat cells disappear. Quite a lot so! Nb: pay close attention. There are many copycats on the market who claim to freeze belly fat in the same way. Unfortunately, these often use cheaper, non-working devices that can even be harmful. At Coolsculpting Kliniek you can be sure that they use the real device and that the people are sufficiently qualified (and BIG-registered).”

Difference CoolSculpting and Liposuction

“Liposuction is a well-known way to lose fat. But what is the difference with CoolSculpting? First, CoolSculpting is not a painful, surgical procedure. Liposuction is. Further, with liposuction you have to deal with a recovery time. You don’t have this with CoolSculpting. Another advantage: with CoolSculpting, the process is very gradual, so you don’t get saggy skin. However, you must not have too much fat to be eligible for CoolSculpting treatment. This means that your BMI (Body Mass Index) must not exceed 30.”

My experience with CoolSculpting

“It all starts with an intake, so that it can be carefully assessed whether you are suitable. During the intake you are also well informed about the treatment. After I had been approved and had asked all my questions, it was time for the treatment. I underwent this at the Coolsculpting Kliniek in Rotterdam. I found it all a bit exciting! Fortunately, the friendly practitioner immediately put me at ease. First, pictures were taken of my belly, so we can see the difference later in April. Then the real work began, where you are connected to the device. In the beginning a little unpleasant, but after a few minutes you feel nothing. And you can read, app or make your shopping list, so the time flies by.”

After the treatment

“After the session I did have a little pain in my stomach. It felt a bit sore. Running two days after the treatment was not a good idea. I did feel that…. But after a few days it was ‘business as usual’ and I no longer noticed that anything had happened. I am currently massaging my belly every day, because that seems to increase the effect. So that’s what we’ll do then!”


“It is now 4 weeks after the CoolSculpting treatment. Just another 8 weeks of patient waiting and then we will know the final result. I can’t wait. Of course I will let you know in due time how everything turned out. In the meantime, I’m already buying nice, new bikinis, because I’m sure they’ll look great this summer!”


“Three months ago I had my abdomen treated and now it was time for the check-up. The check-up takes place at the same place of treatment, in my case at CoolSculpting Kliniek in Rotterdam. During this check-up the effect of the treatment is assessed. Photos are taken again, so you can clearly see if it all made a bit of difference.”

My results

“Well, super exciting of course to hear whether the treatment has made sense! Now I found that my belly friend is less prominent. And indeed, that was also established during the checkup. About 25% belly fat is gone, yeah! He really has become a lot flatter by the treatment. However, I will need one more treatment for fine-tuning. This was no surprise, because at the intake this was already said to me. Totally fine, because the end result will surely be beautiful!”

Final assessment

“Before I started this treatment, I was honestly quite a bit skeptical. After all, I also heard stories that it wouldn’t work. That’s because there are many copycats in the market who use fake devices. At the CoolSculpting Kliniek they only do ‘the real thing’ with the original CoolSculpting device. And it really works, as I have found out for myself. My belly size has decreased considerably. So I think I’ll just parade around in a bikini all summer long ;-).”

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The benefits of CoolSculpting
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