Fat freezing results

Fat freezing results

Are you curious about the results of fat freezing and whether it really works? With the CoolSculpting treatment, we freeze stubborn fat after which it is naturally drained by the body. The results of fat freezing are visible after about 8 weeks. Once the fat cells are drained, they do not come back.

Why choose CoolSculpting?

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Verifief by KliniekErvaringen
Super sweet staff and beautiful result. I had been to such a cheap one before and paid €900 with no results. Finally, a friend told me this one is more expensive but works. If only I had done it the first time.
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Verified by KliniekErvaringen
Was very skeptical. Friend has done it with good results. Eventually went for my legs. Really turned out very nice. Even cellulite got better
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Verified by KliniekErvaringen
They immediately understood what my needs were, super nice and professionally treated. I felt very welcomed and heard!

CoolSculpting has now been successfully performed millions of times worldwide. It is a proven technique that is safe and reliable. Not surprisingly, CoolSculpting is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Success rate result fat freezing

Cryolipolysis is the proven science that can target your fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. This was developed by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. In collaboration with Zeltiq, the CoolSculpting procedure was developed over 10 years ago. It is the only method in the world that has received the FDA seal of approval. By now, millions of treatments have taken place worldwide. From the results analysis of these fat freezing treatments, we know that 99.6% of these treatments were performed successfully. In practice, this means that the treated fat cells have disappeared and the figure is visibly changed.

Despite this huge success rate, in a very individual case, CoolSculpting may not produce results. Every body reacts differently to treatment, we are honest about that at the CoolSculpting Kliniek.

Aligning expectations

During the no-obligation intake, the CoolSculpting Specialist will discuss the CoolSculpting procedure and we will look together in front of the mirror at the area(s) where improvement is desired. The specialist will use a pinch test to determine if you have the right indication for treatment and how many cycles* (placements) are needed to fully treat the area. This is all laid out in a personalized treatment plan for the best fat freezing results.

Results CoolSculpting?

We cannot promise that your tummy will be completely gone after 1 treatment. The reduction is a 25% to 30% decrease in the amount of fat tissue present with a minimum of two treatments. During the intake, the CoolSculpting Specialist will assess how many treatments are needed. It often involves a minimum of two treatments.

This percentage is the established reduction and because every body reacts differently, it is possible that your body has reacted well after the first treatment and a second session at the same place is no longer possible and necessary.

What is the result? So what is 25% through 30%? What is my body going to look like? We understand that it is difficult to imagine this. We try to outline this as best we can using before-and-after photos of clients who have been treated in our clinic. This way you can see how the contour has changed in many cases and what can be visibly expected from the result.

Before and after pictures CoolSculpting

The first result of fat freezing will become visible after 6 to 8 weeks and the final result is achieved after 12 weeks. Hence, we do not schedule the check-up until after 12 weeks so that the body has time to naturally clear away the treated fat cells. In these 12 weeks, the figure changes so gradually that the “old figure” is almost impossible to imagine. Hence, on the treatment day, we take some pictures.

Each clinic has a dedicated photo room where the contour is captured with 360-degree photos. This way we can perform the result after 12 weeks in exactly the same way and compare the pictures.

Have you remained visibly the same after two treatments of the same treatment areas and had no results? Then we are very sorry, but then you belong to the small percentage of people for whom the CoolSculpting treatment does not bring the expected result.

Stay in shape

CoolSculpting is safe, effective and long-lasting. However, it is still important that your lifestyle remains stable after you undergo treatment and that treatment is performed at the right time.

An increase in weight indicates a change in lifestyle. Your body retains the capacity to store fat, that’s just how our bodies work. If you eat more and exercise or move less, this will affect your weight and overall figure. Thus, weight gain can have a negative effect on treatment.

The same goes for a weight loss. We feel it is important that we do the treatment at the right time and that we will truly “sculpt” the last edge for you. If you suddenly lose a lot of weight after the treatment then after 12 weeks it cannot be proven whether your contour has changed through CoolSculpting or due to losing weight.

Convinced of the results of fat freezing? Schedule a free consultation with our specialists.

* Cycle is a placement of the CoolSculpting device on the skin. Often multiple cycles or placements of the CoolSculpting device during one treatment are needed to properly treat the treatment area.

User experiences

Of course, nothing beats the experience of our customers. We are therefore happy to let them have their say. We can count a number of Dutch celebrities among our clients, but CoolSculpting is of course for everyone.

Before and after pictures of others

We take extensive before and after photos of each client. This is because only in this way you can properly evaluate the result of a treatment. Some we may share. Also curious what CoolSculpting can do for you?

The benefits of CoolSculpting
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