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What does a CoolSculpting treatment cost?

CoolSculpting costs average around €450 per placement. CoolSculpting Kliniek is the only provider of the FDA-approved cryolipolysis treatment. When treated with Allergan’s official CoolSculpting equipment, you are assured of quality and safety. Some providers have lower rates, but do not work with official equipment and not under the supervision of a cosmetic doctor. Therefore choose a safe and competitive price.

CoolSculpting Costs

With more than 18 million treatments worldwide, you can have your fat removed painlessly and permanently at CoolSculpting. You will discuss the CoolSculpting costs with a specialist. Request a free consultation and get advice on the number of placements. Costs are associated with the number of placements.

To give you an idea, below are the costs per placement.

Number of placements
CoolSculpting Elite
per placement
Discounted rate
per placement
First four placements
5 to 8 placements
9 or more placements

The above prices are the prices for treatment with the latest CoolSculpting Elite applicators. In some cases, we will recommend treatment with the COM2 or a larger version of the Elite applicator. Different prices apply for these.

During the free consultation we will discuss how many placements are needed for your desired treatment area and desired result. The costs for this will be clearly discussed before starting the treatment. On average, a minimum of two placements are required to treat an area. On average, a minimum of two placements are required to treat an area.

CoolSculpting is the creator of cryolipolysis (2009) and to date remains the only cryolipolysis provider approved in the US (FDA). Since the introduction of the vastly improved CoolSculpting Elite (2021), we have seen better results, more comfort and less risk of side effects.

Since the great success of CoolSculpting, there are several Chinese and Korean machine providers on the market who say they can do the same treatment for much lower prices. Please give us a call if you would like to know what the differences are.

In any case, we work with BIG registered practitioners and under the responsibility of a physician and are NVCG accredited.

What does treatment at CoolSculpting Kliniek cost?

At CoolSculpting, you never pay too much for the very safe treatment. The technology and science behind CoolSculpting makes the treatments not cheap. It is important that the right equipment is used by certified specialists. Unofficial devices are not proven safe and do not provide the proper results. There are companies that abuse the popular cryolipolysis treatment. Beware of misleading information and offers.

At CoolSculpting we communicate openly about costs on our website and in our rates. Do you want more information about CoolSculpting costs for a specific treatment? You are always welcome for a free consultation.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Guaranteed lowest price. If you come with a quote from another CoolSculpting provider we will match the price. And with us, you will be treated with the latest CoolSculpting Elite applicators.