CoolSculpting wins the NewBeauty 2019 Award

NewBeauty presents a NewBeauty Award in several categories each year. In 2019 CoolSculpting won in the “Best In-Office Treatments” category.

Why did CoolSculpting win?

CoolSculpting was rated the best treatment because it is a “non-invasive fat eliminator”. Or, a treatment that removes your fat without undergoing surgery to do so.

An easy way to kick stubborn fat deposits to the curb, non-invasive – and six-time award winner – CoolSculpting freezes fat cells for a slimmer silhouette in just one month.

“In our fast-paced world, many patients don’t have time to recover from liposuction or are afraid of the idea of surgery. When CoolSculpting is offered, many patients say, where do I sign up?” – New Jersey plastic surgeon

Conclusion NewBeauty

The benefits of CoolSculpting
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