Lower flank fat removal

Are you doing all your best at the gym, but your lower flank fat does not want to go? Fortunately, there is a solution to that: CoolSculpting! Our cryolipolysis treatment that freezes your lower flank fat is an easy way to get rid of your lower flank fat. By freezing your subcutaneous fat cells, they are eliminated by the body itself over the course of several weeks.

Lower flank training

You can find several tips on the Internet to get rid of your lower flank fat. This can be done, for example, through a change in your diet and eating pattern, exercising more, better sleep and reduced stress, or simply different kind of clothes. While the first tips are certainly important, they do not guarantee that the fat specifically on your flanks will disappear. In fact, there are no specific tips or exercise to get rid of your lower flank fat. Just like you can’t burn local fat on the belly or buttocks. CoolSculpting cryolipolysis does allow you to target fat locally.

Lower flank fat removal with CoolSculpting

At CoolSculpting Clinic, we do away with lower flank fat by using the revolutionary technique of cryolipolysis. This involves freezing the subcutaneous fat cells in your flanks, causing them to be broken down by the body.

This technique has been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Association) and is therefore absolutely safe. This is also done without surgery or anesthesia, and after the treatment you can get on with your day immediately!

Get rid of your lower flank fat in a few weeks

The CoolSculpting treatment has now been successfully performed millions of times worldwide. A proven technique that is reliable and safe. We are therefore happy to give our patients a 100% guarantee of visible change. That’s how you’ll get rid of your lower flank fat within weeks!

Do you want to lose your lower flank fat now and are curious about the results we can achieve for you? Take a look at the before and after pictures of people who went before you and read more about the possibilities.

Experiences with Cryolipolysis

With CoolSculpting cyolipolysis, we are ablen to permanently remove fat in selective areas, such as on your flanks. We make sure you get the right information beforehand during a free consultation and together we fine-tune your personal treatment plan. That way you know where you stand and what you can roughly expect as a result.

The experiences of others indicate that the treatment works! Freezing the subcutaneous fat cells gives lasting results.

Do you also want to get rid of lower flank fat without surgery, but still have some questions? You may already find answers in the experiences of other clients. For example, Johan tells the following: “I pay a little attention to my body, so I go to the gym regularly. But I couldn’t get rid of the rolls on my sides. Until I discovered CoolSculpting: what a difference!

Are your questions not being addressed? If so, we will be happy to answer them when you come for a consultation.