Lovehandles? Cause and solution!

Many men and women are unhappy because of their love handles. But how do you actually get them? The development of lovehandles can have several causes; an excessively high fat percentage, unhealthy diet and/or little exercise. Do you want to get rid of your lovehandles? CoolSculpting offers a solution for this!

What are lovehandles?

Lovehandles are rolls of fat above the hips that stick out just above the edge of your pants. They can occur in both men and women. Especially with summer outfits or swimwear, lovehandles can be quite disturbing. Lovehandles often have charming names such as swim trunks, muffintops and cuddle bands. These names were created by where they are visible.

What is the cause of lovehandles?

The appearance of love handles can have several causes. One of these causes is unhealthy diet. When you take in too many carbohydrates (sugars), especially through manufactured foods, your body stores them as reserves. Your body in that case secretes insulin fat and converts the carbohydrates into fat. This body fat is stored in various places in the body. One of the first places is around the belly. Some get it more on the front of the belly, others on the flanks.

How do I get rid of my lovehandles?

You can do an awful lot with abdominal exercises. In fact strong muscles create better shapes and fat is burned relatively locally. However most people do not manage to get rid of love handles in a very targeted way. Often it becomes visible in completely different places without you wanting it. So to get rid of fat such as lovehandles in a targeted way, another solution is often needed.

Fortunately CoolSculpting offers a solution! In fact with the CoolSculpting treatment, we can place the applicators exactly on the roll of fat that bothers you. Often one placement on either side is enough. Want to get rid of some larger lovehandles? Then together we will see if we can remove your fat with two placements on both sides.

CoolSculpting treatment lovehandles

The CoolSculpting cryolipolysis treatment to remove lovehandles takes 1 to 2 hours. During the treatment we freeze the subcutaneous fat cells after which they are naturally disposed by the body. We finish the treatment with a massage, after which we let the clearing process of the body do its work. It takes about 12 weeks for the results to become visible.

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