The CoolSculpting experience of Dootjenootje

Dootjenootje is content creator on Tiktok.  She gets energy from making other people happy. Especially during the crazy corona era, she made a lot of posts and became famous as a result. She now has 160,000 followers on Tiktok. In addition, she is a mother of 36 years.

Dootje has had treatment for her abdomen at CoolSculpting Clinic in the past. She was heartened by the result even then. That’s why she recently had her double chin addressed with CoolSculpting. She made Tiktok videos about this, which can be viewed below.

Having a double chin frozen

A double chin is something a lot of people have. A lot of people are not comfortable with it. But I actually personally do a little bit!

I have lost a lot of weight in the past, but this … This lilt will always stay.

@dootjenootje Antwoorden op @caitlynnmassez3 Link in bio🥰 #teamonderkin #vetbevriezen #coolsculpting ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

CoolSculpting treatment

Dootjenootje is going to have her double chin frozen at CoolSculpting Kliniek Den Haag.

In this video, she takes you through how the treatment goes.

@dootjenootje Antwoorden op @evisports hoop dat ik veel vragen heb beantwoord😁 #coolsculpting #onderkinreis #ottodeonderkin ♬ origineel geluid - dootjenootje

Questions CoolSculpting

Dootjenootje received many different questions about CoolSculpting. In this video, she answers several questions that have come in through Tiktok.

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