Benefits CoolSculpting Elite

In all our branches we are the only ones in the Netherlands to have the new Elite machine. The new powerful design provides more fabric contact, more suction and a more even cooling result. The treatment time of the CoolSculpting Elite is faster because two areas can be treated simultaneously. Plus, you’ll see results faster with the Elite.

A notable advantage of the CoolSculpting Elite is also the demonstrated absence of hyperplasia. At CoolSculpting Clinic, we have yet to see a single case of hyperplasia during 10,000+ Elite treatments.

In all locations, the CoolSculpting Elite

As the largest CoolSculpting provider in the Netherlands we are allowed to be the first to introduce and offer the CoolSculpting Elite to our clients in all of our clinics in the Netherlands.

Curious about this entirely new experience? Schedule a free consultation! During this consultation you will receive personal advice and you can ask all your questions to our specialists. The consultation takes about half an hour, is free of charge and completely without obligation.

How does the CoolSculpting Elite work?

The technology used in CoolSculpting is called cryolipolysis. This technology removes safely and effectively unwanted fat cells by freezing the fat. After freezing the fat cells, the body disposes them naturally. In this way the fat cells will disappear and will also not return.

The CoolSculpting Elite is an evolution of the CoolSculpting cryolipolysis system and is designed to treat multiple areas at once, freezing more fat per treatment. The new machine was developed based on the insights of practitioners, patients and Allergan Aesthetics’ years of R&D experience. The CoolSculpting Elite is custom made! It was launched with a new collection of applicators available in seven different sizes and shapes. These are designed to follow the body’s natural shapes and provide better comfort with the enhanced fit. The result? A treatment plan that can be personalized even better. But above all: safer result, faster result, better result!

70.000+ treatments
The benefits of CoolSculpting