Why at CoolSculpting Kliniek?

There are several parties in the market offering the CoolSculpting treatment or any other imitation cryolipolysis treatment. We are therefore happy to explain why you should choose CoolSculpting Kliniek.

More than 70,000 CoolSculpting treatments

Being known and working with CoolSculpting from the beginning, we have over 70,000 successful treatments behind us. Of those, more than 10,000 are already with the CoolSculpting Elite. This makes us the number one treatment provider in the Netherlands.

BIG Registered Practitioners

CoolSculpting Kliniek works with BIG-registered practitioners. A BIG registration provides clarity on the competence of a healthcare provider. A healthcare provider on the BIG register may use the legally protected professional title. As a result you know that at CoolSculpting Kliniek you will always be treated by a professional.

In addition we also employ graduate doctors.

Insurance CoolSculpting Kliniek

CoolSculpting Kliniek has a unique insurance policy/guarantee. In fact, should our treatment result in hyperplasia (PAH), we will ensure that this affected tissue is removed via liposuction at no cost.

Although no scientific research is yet available, we at CoolSculpting Kliniek see that the latest generation machine (CoolSculpting Elite) has yet to show a PAH case with us after more than 8,000 treatments.

In all our clinics the CoolSculpting Elite

The first reason you might choose CoolSculpting Kliniek is because of our CoolSculpting Elite. We are the first in the Netherlands to have equipped all of our clinics with the latest devices that can treat two areas simultaneously. In addition because of an updated machine design these units have more skin contact, more suction and a more even cooling result. This provides more treatment surface, allowing you to get more out of your treatment.

The benefits of CoolSculpting
Sebastiaan Kranenburg
KNMG Cosmetic doctor

“It is essential as a cosmetic physician to have multiple qualities striving for the optimal and desired care. “It is essential as a cosmetic physician to have multiple qualities striving for the optimal and desired care.” With KNMG certification, the client can consciously and transparently choose quality.

CS Team