The CoolSculpting team

At CoolSculpting Kliniek we work with professionals with a medical background who are highly experienced in performing CoolSculpting treatments. Our CoolSculpting specialists can explain to you like no other how CoolSculpting works and what results you can expect.

Dr. Sebastiaan Kranenburg

Cosmetic Physician

Dr. Saâdia Hannachia

Cosmetic Physician & Medical Director

Sharon Beutler

CoolSculpting Specialist ‘t Gooi & Utrecht

Marianne van der Hout

CoolSculpting Specialist ‘t Gooi

Diede Verhoeven

CoolSculpting Specialist Den Bosch & Eindhoven

Danielle van Asseldonk

CoolSculpting Specialist Den Bosch

Gwenda Kruijntjens

CoolSculpting Specialist Rotterdam