About CoolSculpting Kliniek

CoolSculpting Kliniek started back in 2015 when CoolSculpting had been on the foreign market for five years after approval from the US FDA. Early 2016 the CoolSculpting treatment became known in the Netherlands and since then CoolSculpting Kliniek has become a well-known name.

In 2015 we started with one clinic and have since grown into the club with the largest national coverage with eight locations. Because we have been there from the beginning, we have more than 30,000 successful treatments provided, making us the number one treatment provider in the Netherlands.

Why CoolSculpting Kliniek?

There are several parties in the market offering the CoolSculpting treatment or any other imitation cryolipolysis treatment. We are therefore happy to explain why you should choose CoolSculpting Kliniek.

Our team

CoolSculpting Kliniek employs professionals with a medical background and are highly experienced in performing CoolSculpting treatments. Our CoolSculpting specialists can explain to you like no other how CoolSculpting works and what results you can expect. Do you want to get to know them already?

CoolSculpting en CoolSculpting Elite

The CoolSculpting Elite® is, like the usual CoolSculpting®, a safe, fast and reliable way to remove fat without surgery or recovery time. In addition the new design allows two areas to be treated simultaneously. This with an optimal fit, which follows the natural shapes of the body, and better comfort. CoolSculpting Kliniek has the latest CoolSculpting Elite in every location.

Saâdia Hannachia
Cosmetic Physician

“CoolSculpting is a fantastic alternative to liposuction”